KOKOnista of The Day: Joy Kendi Is The African Influencer You Should Be Following On Social Media

The name Joy Kendi might not ring a bell to you, if you are not from Kenya; but Joy is the fashion influencer you need to be following on social media.

Joy Kendi was born in 1988 in Kenya. She is a Youtuber,  lifestyle blogger and content creator who covers everything from fashion, beauty, and travel.
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At the age of six, Joy moved to the United state with her mother and sister and did her middle school, high school and even started college at Lancing College where she studied Psychology.

In 2009 when she moved back to Kenya and also transferred her credits to United States International University (USIU) where she did Bachelor’s in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy.

Joy started her blog when she moved back to Kenya. Weirdly enough, everything didn’t change for Joy until she shaved her head as going bald was the first step in getting people to see her as a different person and not just a regular blogger.

Joy realized that fashion is very limiting, especially in Kenya, so she started to expand more into beauty. Then she tried travel and food and all that turned into a lifestyle direction for her.

Photo Credit: Joy Kendi/Getty

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