KOKO TV’s Monthly Initiative: Raising Awareness For Child Education

Education is the bedrock of any nation in fact its the bedrock of any generation that is why we at KOKO TV are using this month of January to raise awareness towards the course, it being that January 24 is the World’s international day of education. According to UNICEF 10.5 million Nigerian children are out of school which is the highest in the world and also 60 percent of that population are from the North. Based on this statistics we can realize that the country is in big trouble, with the increased rate of young people being deceived to do the bidding of wicked clerics and politicians some have hypothesized that if the number of uneducated people in the North and the country at large reduces terrorist groups like Boko Haram will not strive and there would be a decrease in the crime rate and the country will attain the level of development is has been searching for.      Photo Credit: Getty


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