KOKO Money: Baby Shoes And Four Other Items You Financially Don’t Need To Buy

There are many items in our homes that we don’t necessarily need, making them a waste of money.

When we’re buying these things, we sometimes fail to gage their long-term benefits, which are very few. Below are five items that you don’t need to buy unless it is absolutely necessary that you do.

Baby shoes: Mothers are typically excited to dress their new-borns in new, adorable clothing. Infant babies are easy to dress up because they can’t vocalise their preferences, but if they could, they would probably tell you that they don’t need shoes because they can’t walk just yet.

Newborn babies are the last people who would need a pair of shoes, so save your money for the shoes that they will actually be needing when they start walking.

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Single-use kitchen tools: 
Most of us don’t need specialised and designated kitchen devices, especially if we don’t have a career in culinary. There are so many different devices that are marketed to us as things that will make life easier.

However, regular knives and other cutlery in your kitchen drawers can do the job of peeling garlic, chopping onions, slicing bananas and so on. Don’t waste your money on occasionally-used kitchen tools when your other basic tools are already good enough.

Infused water: Flavoured water is simply fancy water that is not the healthiest option for you. These drinks normally contain plenty of sugar and vitamins which aren’t as beneficial as organic vitamins found in fruits and vegetables.

Keep your money in your wallet and try making a home-made bottle of infused water. It will be so much better for your health, taste fresher and save you money.

USB storage devices: Portable memory sticks are convenient because they make it easy to transfer files between devices. However, you could transfer these same files through free online platforms. You are better off emailing or transferring these same files through free cloud transfer services.

Plastic straws: Plastic straws are really bad for the environment and a total waste of money, especially if you use them frequently. Reusable straws are much better for our ecosystem. Invest in reusable straws that you won’t need to throw away after each use, and it will save you a lot of money over time.FG exempts banks from lockdownPhoto Credit: Getty

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