Hamisa Mobetto Slayed In Stunning Kaftan Dresses This Ramadan Season

In a couple of days we would bid the month of Ramadan goodbye but the lessons of this season will always be held in our hearts. A major highlight of the season is the modest fashion and style that we get to experience all through the holy month and it is always a delight to see. From our Kaftans to our Abaya’s this conservative season definitely comes with its own style inspiration and guide.
Hamisa Mobetto Slayed In Stunning Kaftan Dresses This Ramadan Season
Hamisa Mobetto Slayed In Stunning Kaftan Dresses This Ramadan Season
One fashionista who caught our eye this Ramadan season is the stunning Tanzanian singer and actress Hamisa Mobetto. The stunning singer definitely came prepared for the holy month and came with a wardrobe suitable for this season. She switched her style and showed us the modest side of her we hardly get to see. A major part of her wardrobe were are Kaftans.
Hamisa wowed us with her Kaftans this Ramadan season and we are in love with her modest sense of style. Here are chic Kaftan styles she rocked during the holy month.
1. The white and black Kaftan look: Monochrome colours are always a delight to see and it is usually very easy to pull off as it goes with every scarf colour or accessories you may have. She paired it with a black scarf and looked effortlessly stylish. This is a perfect look if you are a lover of Neutral colours or when you run out of options

2. A Ray of sunlight in Yellow: The colour Yellow is definitely an attention grabber and it brings in a lot of colour to any look. This yellow Kaftan is perfect for a day when you want to play around with colours or bring in some positive energy into your day. The colour yellow is very bold so you have to be careful about the other colours that you introduce with it. She paired it with a white scarf which was soothing to the outfit.

3. The Animal print Kaftan: Animal prints are a great way to make statements. They convey a strong message of strength, confidence and expresses a desire to be noticed. These head-turning prints catch the viewer’s attention with their multicolored patterns and irregular designs. She definitely caught our eyes with this one during the Ramadan season

4. The rainbow kaftan: Nothing screams happy, excitement and joy like this Kaftan. The play of colours on this piece will make anyone fall in love with it and we did. It is so appealing to the eyes and we love how well it sits on her body. The fit is well tailored on her body. She paired the Kaftan with a green scarf.

5. The brown Kaftan: Monotones are a favourite and this brown kaftan monotone look makes the list of modest monotone styles anyone should try. The brown look is calm, refreshing, simple and all time chic.
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