15 International Celebrities That Joined The End SARS Movement

It is the 9th day of the #EndSARS protests and despite the dissolution, the Nigerian youths are not backing down and their voices and action have gone beyond the shores of Africa.
The youths obviously got tired of the empty promises and failure of the Nigerian Government and the incessant harassment faced almost on a daily basis, and in some cases, unlawful detention, extortion, implication and ultimately deaths.Tacha
There have been earlier attempts to reform the notorious squad. In 2018 Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo ordered that its management and activities be overhauled but alas, 2020, Nigerian youths are still being accosted on the streets for wearing dreads, carrying laptops and iPhones as these are all to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, evidences of cybercrime. In 2019, a specially formed Presidential Panel on the Reform of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad recommended reforms along with the dismissal and prosecution of named officers accused of abusing Nigerians.
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At the time, President Buhari gave the head of police three months to work out how to implement the recommendations, but critics say little changed. Previously in 2017, police chiefs ordered a reform of the SARS unit, in the aftermath of a viral video of a man allegedly killed by police, and also in 2010 when instructions were given to disband satellite offices, yet it appears the unit continued to exist after each of these announcements. The struggle recently started online 9 days ago and have manifested offline for 6 days now, attracting the attention of the international community both celebrities and media outfits.
From Premier League footballers in England and American hip hop stars like Kanye West and P Diddy to Oscar-winning Hollywood actors and actresses, the hashtag have gone viral and gotten theirs supports on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
On Saturday morning, British-Nigerian actor, John Boyega, who is known for his strong stance against human right abuses and racism, called for good leadership and guidance for Nigerian youths. “The youth in Nigeria deserve good leadership and guidance. This situation is tied to many other issues. Please lend your attention to this pressing problem,” his tweet read. John BoyegaAmerican rapper, singer, and songwriter, Sean Michael Leonard Anderson, popularly known as Big Sean showed his support too in a tweet that reads, “Love to Nigeria, Nigerian roots!!! #EndSarsNow.” Another American singer, songwriter, rapper, and actor, Tremaine Aldon Neverson, popularly known as Trey Songz, further described the situation as hurtful and sent his prayers to the Nigeria Youths. Adam Bradford, a British entrepreneur and one of the Queen of England’s young leaders, in a tweet and in Instagram posts wrote President Buhari, expressing his dismay at the ill-treatment Nigerians suffer in the hands of the Police force, which he described it as “utter inhumanity” that must end.#EndSARS ProtestersBritish singer, Estelle Fanta condemned police brutality, not just in Nigeria but in the world, saying it cannot continue. “This if For my continent. For my relatives!!!! For humanity. Cannot continue this everyday everywhere!!!! #EndSarsNow“, she tweeted. Not long after Burna Boy tweeted in support of the movement, P Diddy rode on his back to declare war against the Police Unit too. “#ENDSARS”, he tweeted. BBCAfricaEye Bertram Hill freelance journalist reacted to a video of military men assaulting protesters in Abuja earlier today. “They are collecting cameras!” #EndSARS protestors scream to drive soldiers away from person on floor at: 9.062694, 7.499857 To all security forces – taking citizens’ cameras doesn’t stop the world seeing what happened. It just also sees you taking their cameras #AbujaProtests”, he tweeted.Chance The Rapper also took to the streets of Twitter to join the demand for the end of the SARS. “#EndSARS NOW #EndSarsNow I just started reading up on this travesty taking place in Nigeria. If you have more info to dispense in the replies I’m all ears”, he wrote while English striker Tammy Abraham in his capacity gave Nigerian youths more charge to jepp the fight on till victory is won. “Dear Nigeria #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality”, he wrote. Ghanaian singer Shatta Wale took a new turn to the protest as he releases a new single F**k SARS. Marcus Rashford rode on Tammy Abraham’s tweet to pray for and give his thoughts to everyone who are affected by the situation. “My thoughts and prayers to all of those affected”, he wrote. Amidst his marriage crisis and political ambition, Kanye West also took to Twitter to charge Nigerians, saying the government must hear her people’s voice. Hollywood actress Viola Davis took the support to Instagram, saying she is “Praying for Nigeria! 🇳🇬🙏🏿💛.”}
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South African rapper Nasty C did not spare the world leaders in his tweet, hammering that those who are supposed to serve and protect are often the biggest problems. The 15th on our list is the English super model an actress Naomi Campbell who also took to Instagram to remind President Buhari that Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa with one of the largest populations of youth in the world, and at such, his government should lead by example.

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I’ve been biting my lip because I’m just aghast at the vile, torturous stories I’ve been seeing and hearing from friends in Nigeria 🇳🇬. How, in the 21st century can a so-called “police force” like this exist? Kudos to the wonderful protestors, I hope that you can #EndSARSNow Today, myself and AdamStart.com’s Africa lead Benson Ekpo @thebensonekpo have launched an emergency fund to support activism & youth initiatives countering the SARS destruction. I have pledged $10,000 today to launch the fund. Who is with me to shine these youth brighter? To find out more and to apply visit @adamstartglobal #endsars #endsarsnow #endsarsbrutality #Nigeria #endpolicebrutality

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