Ultimate Love Couple Rosie And Kachi ‘Split Up’

Barely 10-months on after the Ultimate Love reality TV show, there are rumours making the rounds that winners of the show Kachi and Rosie have decided to call it quits on their relationship and go their separate ways. Ultimate Love Couple Rosie and Kachi

According to a particular Twitter user identified as @Joyce, lashed out at Kachi’s family for demanding exorbitant materials for marriage rites from the bride’s Rosie and her family. The lady added that Rosie had a miscarriage recently, due to an accident and it was Kachi’s baby she was carrying.

@Joyce further accused Kachi of being lazy and a cheater. Further insinuating Kachi has moved on and gotten back with his former girlfriend. @Joyce disclosed that the mother of one has returned the ring Kachi proposed with.

Read all she wrote below;

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