Pretty Little ThingšŸ˜­! DJ Cuppy Cries Bitterly About Not Having A Man In Her Life

Billionaire heiress and radio show host DJ Cuppy is sad but seems to have come to accept her fate, as she takes to her Insta-story to lament about her relationship status of not having a man in her life and as things stand it seems it would remain so forever.DJ Cuppy

According to DJ Cuppy, she is scared she just might never find a man she can call hers and might just remain single forever and ever.

Recall that a few days ago, the DJ assured everyone that she will find the love of her life in the year 2020. According toĀ Cuppy,Ā she feels like falling in love again and she will find love this year. Looks like Cuppy has giving up on finding the love of her life.

Read all she wrote below;

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