God Will Paralyse Your Manhood Muscles – Chioma Ifemeludike Tells Men Who Propose Sex To Help Ladies

Nollywood actress Chioma Ifemeludike has schooled men on the need to stop demanding sex for ladies in exchange for help or making stars out of them.
Taking to Instagram, Chioma Ifemeludike asked how men would feel if the sex for roles an others things they do to other people’s daughter is done to theirs. She then preached that they repent, else, the muscles in their manhoods will be paralysed.God Will Paralyse Your Manhood - Chioma Ifemeludike Tells Men Who Propose Sex To Help Ladies
Dear men, you must not see the pant👙 of every woman to help🙄 stop taking advantage of girls who need your support or push stop demanding for sex from a girl because you’re in a position to help. Some girls can be good company without sex, some can be good friends without sex, you can make some super stars without sex, you can be their mentors and guardian without sex, you can be their brothers and fathers without SEX!!!
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You have a daughter(s) yet you want to sleep with every girl that comes your way because you find yourself in a position to help… !!!??? How will you feel if your daughter(s) is subjected to such inhumane treatment??? Please treat people’s daughters like you want others to treat yours. Repent today or God will paralyze the muscles in your manhood 😡“, she wrote.
Chioma Ifemeludike
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