Album Review: Victony’s Saturn Might Need A Lesson Or Two

18-year-old Engineering undergraduate at Imo State University, Victony has with his debut project proved a number of things. One; he’s got a great voice and we should be hearing more from him. Two, he needs more lessons on the music space and all its paraphernalia.

VictonyNo doubt, he has made a thrilling project, but he has also left out an important element, a comprehension of the space and the audience. His music is out-worldly and the songs are likely to be forgotten easily, good as they are.

The songs are good, as good as they can be. The versatility on the project is laudable, as is the production and songwriting. However, with the introductiom of a slightly new sound, tilted towards the alté culture, one wonders why Victony who should comprehend the Gen Z and their sound would choose something good, that will fizzle out in a short time.

More is a beautiful Afro-pop that you can’t help but fall in love with because of the artiste’s voice. Each time he sings the refrain, “more of your love“, there’s something very churchy about it.

On Maria, which is a love song dedicated to a lady with the above name, he features Falz and blends his English with a sprinkle of Spanish. The Afro-pop song is so good that you’re likely to click your fingers at a point. Falz’s rap is very mature and as always slightly humorous and comical.

Space and Time which is this writer’s favorite song, released before the album is a Cloud Rap song that sees Victony rejecting love and seeking solace in himself and person.

Read more: Exclusive: Remy Baggins Is The King Of Range And Genres87 Club is a trap song that is just too eclectic. It bears a lot of semblance to Rema in the genesis of his music career. The use of instrumental over lyrics puts the fire in the song off. Victony should have stayed “trapping at the 87“, but we probably “don’t know shit about” him.

On the first listen to Fasta, this writer’s initial thought was of Enoo Napa’s remix of Your Voice. It’s a beautiful Afro-house song, and like all songs of the genre, it easily sells itself to you.

Jò Riddim is an appealing song, and a good way to end a project.

There’s only so much one can do a 6-track EP, especially an upcoming act with a first project. The album is more experiment than stable music, and while that can be an interesting concept, it is a little too early for all the glitter.

Victony, the ‘Outlaw King‘ as he is often referred to, knows music and all the spice to add, as is evident in this project, but sometimes, spice can be too early in a dish, and that’s the reason these songs will fade into oblivion, maybe a little too quickly.Photo Credit: Instagram

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