Exclusive: Remy Baggins Is The King Of Range And Genres

Fast-rising producer, singer and songwriter, Remy Baggins has just recently released his EP, Amaterasu, and this time he goes full head-on trapping. He is as expressive as he is in all his projects, but this time, he is strangely ferocious, buoyant and seemingly angry.Remy BagginsRemy Baggins really does not need an introduction to the music scene. As the popular saying goes, his art precedes him. He is a tireless worker, an always busy creative, and as he says, a handsome young man.

After working with notable names in the industry, one would reckon that Rembo, as he is fondly called would be resting; instead he is releasing his second project in one year. Indeed, like Ernest Ogunyemi’s poem, he is the fire that is dreamed of; ever blazing, igniting and tearing through everything in is part.

Again, if there’s any reason why Remy Baggins is loved, it is the obvious fact that the young man can do almost every genre of music (he banters on Twitter that he cannot play the trumpet). He knows Afro-pop, RnB, Trap, EDM, Emo, and a number of other genres that the average music lover probably has no idea of.

We began the interview by asking him the reason for the transition from a sex enthusiast on hentai, and lover boy on sakura to the angry youth on his recent project.

“Amaterasu is an angry project. I just wanted to vent and let out steam about a number of issues. I feel like I’ve been quiet for a while, and I needed to show that I could be angry. For example, in 808 Therapy, I say, “They ask me why I never tell nobody what’s been going on inside my head, so imma put it in a song and turn my 808s to therapy instead…” The project is also a cry for the respect I deserve.

It’s clear as he speaks that Remy Baggins Amaterasu, like Burna Boy’s Twice As Tall is a story garnered from experiences and revelations about the subtleness of life. Whatever it is, as the trippy rap booms into your earphones, you can easily follow the story that Remy Baggins is putting out. It is lucid and in a weird sense, relatable.

Remy Baggins says he chooses to title his EPs with foreign words, because English cannot carry the weight of what he wants to say. “The title of a body of work is very important and English as a language does not fulfill the need I have for my projects.”

Daily Life
It changes everyday, honestly. I can hardly set a routine for myself because my day just flows really. I could just wake up in the morning and boom, I’m hitting the studio to make some beats, other times it’s the artistes pursuing and reminding me I’ve not done their work. At a time, it was my emails. Waking up to respond to emails and all that. So honestly, I can’t really say.

Making Music – The Process
I honestly don’t plan to make music and I mean ‘plan’ here in quote. I just get into the studio and begin to record my shit because for me that’s what music is all about. It flows from the inner you. I believe you do not need to force yourself, and while I subscribe to the idea of writing music, my style can be conflicting.

I just begin to vibe so I go into the studio and I just begin to make the beats, you know, sometimes I make as much as thirty-two beats in one day. So music for me – the process is a seamless one. My EP, Amaterasu, I recorded all the songs during the lockdown, so that’s how it goes for me. I just see the songs, make beats and write the songs and everything just comes into one. You see that guy called Remy Baggins, he’s a strange guy. Producing Try Me For Tems

In all honesty, it was like every other normal day for me. Got into the studio, made the beat and all that. It was good, but it was just like every other day for me.

YLLW With Eri Ife
Working with Eri Ife on YLLW project was a beautiful time for me because I had never been to Ibadan before. Eri Ife sent me a message on Twitter, before the EP we had never met, so we just met, talked and that’s how the album was born. I went to Ibadan and I’m like I’m wasting my time in Lagos. Ibadan is very quiet and peaceful and it’s a good place for networking.
It was an interesting period for me. Eri Ife is a beautiful artist and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and Bryan The Mensah. Shout out to them for their music and sound.

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Current Playlist
I listen to a lot of songs and currently I’m listening to Burna Boy’s Twice As Tall album. 23 is a very big track for me. Bank On It is also one of my favorite songs on the album.

I’m also listening to SAINt JHN, then there’s Black Coffee, Joeboy, Nonso Amadi, Post Malone and I’m also a very big fan of The Cavemen. Their music is just too nice.

Favorite Songs Off His Own Projects
This is a very tight situation that you’ve put me in. For VIV, I think that would be the track four, Real. On eigengrau, that would be paranoid. On YLLW, should be YLLW or B’ Ori Pe. On sakura, definitely no games.

Possible Collaborations
Yeah, I look forward to working with Davido, Burna Boy and Wizkid. Of course, there’s the big boss himself, Wande Coal. There’s Asa, Joeboy, Wurld and Cobhams


Nothing dey now, na money I dey find. Woman no dey anywhere (laughs). I do not have anyone currently, although I was in an entanglement of some sort but that’s water under the bridge now. I’m single, not searching. Forget all my fuck boy attitude and handsome look, I have no plans for women now. Like this, like this, Remy Baggins no dey find woman.

Moving Forward – The Future For Rembo
While I will not do music forever, Remy Baggins is not slowing down. I’m pushing my craft and art. I want to be mainstream. To be big. The name, Remy Baggins should be known. I’m looking to being the name on the lips of the audience, which is why I’m saying shout-out to my fans and followers for supporting my music. Thank you very much, and Timothy, you don tackle me for this interview sha, Laurence abi? (laughs).Remy BagginsPhoto Credit: Instagram

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