8 Piquant Ankara Styles You Can’t Afford Not To Own

As a KOKOnista, you must have known that not all Ankara styles and ensemble will give you the attention and carriage that you need when you step out.
Gone are the days of boring styles, now, we have spicy, hot, peppery, and piquant Ankara styles that will turn heads when you don them and even boost your ladyly confidence and ego.8 Piquant Ankara Styles You Can't Afford Not To Own
Today, as we always do, we have garnered 8 piquant and elegant styles you cannot afford not to have in your wardrobe. Selecting them was so exciting and joyful and we are sure, the same will fill your heart when see them.
Do well to let us know your favourite in the comment section, though we know it will be hard having a fave.
1. Corsety mix and match8 Piquant Ankara Styles You Can't Afford Not To Own2. Low-cut neckline and millipede sleeves8 Piquant Ankara Styles You Can't Afford Not To Own3. V-neck pinafore can’t be better4. 2 piece Adire so on point5. Off-shoulder is sweeter6. Conjoined Ankara and chiffon with bralette
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7. Fringed and drama sleeves
8. Aso-oke Ankara mixPhotos Credit: Instagram

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