Bisola Aiyeola Shows Us How To Blend Traditional And Mordern Glam In Adire

Adire is a traditional fabric belonging to the Yoruba people of Nigeria and over the last few years the fabric has made a grand return to the fashion scene. Bisola Aiyeola  is a huge lover of the adire fabric and she has killed us with jaw dropping looks in the fabric.

Bisola Aiyeola Shows Us How To Blend Traditional And Mordern Glam In Adire We have curated together a few of our favourite adire looks from Bisola and we are more than excited to show our darling KOKOnistas how to rock the fabric through Bisola’s eye in style.

1. The 2piece look
Everything about this fit on Bisola screams comfort, easy and fun. This is the perfect way to show up for a fun day out with the squad. It is a top with wide pants that makes it easy for a person to rock it for hours. The TV star decided to tie the top to show off her mid riff which we will recommend for anyone who would love to rock it for a fun day out.

2. Maxi gowns
Maxi gowns are a must have for every fashionista and stylish person. It is a great option for a day when you are exhausted but still need to show up. It is free comfy and fun. Bisola Aiyeola paired the gown with adire scarf and kept her makeup clean and flawless.

3. A maxi dress with a twist
Maxi dresses do not have to be drabby and boring a little twist can be brought in to spice things up and put in some glam. This one on Bisola Aiyeola comes with a little twist that makes it perfect for day out with the girls or family time out.

4. Shirt dress
You can never go wrong in a shirt dress and you don’t need to do some much to create a classic look with it. Bisola Aiyeola rocked a stunning shirt dress and paired it with lovely black shoes. The actress finished things off with bone straight hair and a pair of sunnies.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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