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That Sharp Naija Guy: 6 Tell Signs For You To Get Out Of A Toxic Relationship

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Toxic relationships aren’t the easiest to define because sometimes what some persons might see as toxic in their relationship might actually be a point of confluence and affection for another.  Toxic Relationships

However, that does not mean when a relationship that started out really great can’t go sideways and all of the things that made it special at the start can later become a hindrance to grow and gradually you both might end up falling out of love. But just before it gets to that point there are some signs that would have reared their head its up to you to take notice nip it in the bud before they fester longer and later become major problems and destroy whatever you and your partner share.
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In a healthy relationship, situations tend to work out, even if there are disagreements (and there should be), both partners tend to resolve while still respecting each other’s views and opinions, but in toxic ones, especially for a guy, you will constantly feel that its one-sided, you have to put in most of the effort leaving you feeling drained.

Or when you get that the lady in the relationship for financial reasons, constantly asking for money and you just don’t feel like you both on the same wavelength or she seems to be dragging you down, with no meaningful contribution to your life.

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In some types of toxic relationships you just can’t be yourself around the lady you claim to love, constantly walking on eggshells around her.

Well to help you figure out just maybe you’re in a toxic relationship, this article will give you tips on how to identify toxic signs in relationships and when to bow out.

– Toxic conversations: most times, when you try to communicate, they hardly listen, give snide remarks, are condescending when it comes to helping you out with intellectual works, their words are devoid of care nor concern, and most time are forgetful of things that concerns you always looking out for themselves first.

Signs of Toxic relationships

– Keeping mute to keep the peace: when you find yourself constantly keeping mute on matters in the relationships that hurt you, or that you want improvement in, for example, attitude, sex, affection, how it affects you and how they are ignored, but you don’t feel comfortable discussing it with your partner, since it might cause conflict, then it’s toxic because these things affect your happiness and mental health. Say no to boring, monotonic sex.
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– No signs of support: they’re always complaining about your progress, never show up to your awards or when you need them, never give their support when you want to go for what helps to you elevate, never encourage your interests, it’s always about them all the time.

– Trying to control you all the time: they’re always demanding for something from you, your opinions on something as simple as what to wear does not matter, they try to dictate what you eat, who you hang out with, where you go, how you spend your time, literally everything you are involved with, simple and plain, that’s a toxic behaviour.

Toxic Relationship; Black couple having an argument
  • They constantly pick at you or pick on you: it’s always something with them, they always trying to strip your self-esteem, they try to cut you off from your friends, always commenting on your looks, how its not cool enough, something could be better, etc.
    You constantly feel like you are walking on eggshells around them, you are not as comfortable or as confident in your skin as you used to be because of their remarks.
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– Lack of effort: they don’t put the effort in spending time with you, are always chronically late for events you’re supposed to go together, no efforts to show how much you mean to them, they don’t compromise in situations that are important to you, they only remember to call or text when they’re in need of your services, they simply don’t put effort into loving you. Say no to toxic relationships

All these patterns of disrespect point towards a toxic relationship that you might end up losing yourself to, before making any big decisions about not wanting them in your life, try to communicate, point out these actions, make them take responsibility for their actions, be self-aware and pay attention to see if there are changes, if not then its time to remove yourself from the situation. #Toxic Relationships=Depression

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