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5 Ways To Cope With Receiving A Disappointing Gift

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If your love language is gifts then you know that receiving a wrong gift may evoke emotions contrary to happiness. Instead of joy, you may all of a sudden fail to appreciate the sender and their effort all together.

gifts KOKOTV.NGThere are, however, better ways you can use to show appreciation as well as communicating your disappointment without making the sender feel bad

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You got the wrong clothes size: 
If your partner got you a pair of clothes that is either smaller or the extra-large choice, you may get the wrong idea.

Before you go berserk, thinking that your partner is trying to communicate that you need to be on a diet, smile and try fitting the cloth as they watch. Midway, they are likely to notice their mistake as the cloth will be a misfit.

You may laugh it out and notice whether your partner gives you reassurance, promising to exchange it for your correct size.

The gift seems cheap: You may have wanted an original pair of sneakers. What your partner has got you, however, looks like it was from the street.

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Instead of throwing them away, smile and appreciate your partner for the effort. Always approach gifts from a point of appreciating the thought more than the cost of the item.

Keeping your expectations low will also help you through.

It’s something you need instead of something you want: 
Sometimes your partner may buy you a gift having in mind something you need. Instead of getting you the new Huddah make-up pallette, they decide to replace the leaking faucet to aid you clean dishes better.

Well, this may be hard to deal with but appreciating your partner is key. You may tell them that next time you’ll write a wish list which they can always refer to when buying future gifts.

They were clueless and got you an unexpected gift: 
No matter how long your relationship is, there are those moments that surprise you. Getting a gift you’d never think of wishing for can occur and you need to react well towards your sender.

Thank your partner and you can throw in humour while asking what made them think of you as they chose that gift. You’ll be surprise to realize that your partner meant well and was attracted to choosing that gift for a reason. Accept it gladly.

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If you got similar gifts previously: 
Your partner may be unconscious of the recurring type of gift they get you. They may have gotten you another perfume brand which means you have more than a hundred bottles.

Since you’re probably never going to wear all those scents, in a smile, inform your partner that they’ve got you that before. Your humour will charm them into knowing that you’d like something different another time.

Being kind and appreciating a gift is very important. However you dislike it, be open with your partner, keen not to hurt their feelings, and use lots of humor to pass your message. That way, you are assured of many more appropriate gifts.Photo Credit: Getty

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