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That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Places To Go Celebrate Val On A Budget With Babe

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So it’s the season of love, it’s 13 days away from Valentine and across all of the Nigerian discussion platforms, all of the talks have all been about the fabled February 14th, the day St. Valentine died for love and has now become a working holiday day to celebrate love. Valentine on a budget

Valentine’s day is recognized as a significant celebration of romance and romantic love around the world, even though true love shouldn’t be limited to being celebrated for just a single day in a year but rather celebrated every day.
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However, that shouldn’t diminish the value of that day because it will forever be a unique time to show your loved ones just how much you love them and care. With February starting anew, that means Valentine’s Day is around the corner!

Lagos is a beautiful city and also a big state with unending romantic locations where you can spend the Valentine season and below in this article I will be let you in on 5 exotic spots to spend your valentine with your partner that won’t necessarily break your back.

From dinners to long beach walks, you can spend beautiful moments with your loved ones, friends, spouse, or romantic partner.

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  1. Sky Restaurant:
    Sky Restaurant & Lounge has a unique wow factor that is hard to dispute. It’s about the highest restaurant in the city of Lagos and has a picturesque view of both the city and the Atlantic Ocean. Having a dinner date at this location will get you to have a beautiful view of the city at night. The restaurant has a romantic ambiance with a grand piano playing in the background. If you want a quiet and intimate date, pick this location.
  2. La Mango:
    There is not anywhere like La mango, they provide exceptional variety the interior decor of this restaurant is all you need to set you and your date in a romantic mood. This location is popular for its variety in local and continental meals. This place comes with a lovely serenity and a perfect place to relax.
  3. Coconut Beach:
    The running around, the photography galore, the coconut juice and the environment makes Coconut Beach a romantic getaway for those who want to experience romance to its fullness.  The beach was once a slave trade route in West Africa, and now, it is a fascinating tourist attraction centre in Lagos State.
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  4. The Cactus Restaurant:
    This is definitely a place you and your partner would enjoy, it is a lovely restaurant that caters for different kinds of food from pastries to various mouth-watering dishes, the restaurant is located along the victoria island expressway with a panoramic view of the waters? The sight at Cactus Restaurant is truly stunning and sensational state and they have many lovely spots for pictures.
  5. Ice Cream Factory:
    What better place to have your Valentine date than the Ice cream factory it boasts an extensive variety of desserts, they serve burgers and fries, paninis, waffles along with the ice cream that gives one an orgasmic feeling when it hits the taste buds. it is located at 5 Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase I, Lagos.
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