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That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Reasons Rich Guys Should Stop Dating Desperate Ladies

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Rich Guys stop going for Cheap/desperate ladies!!!!….It’s a popular notion or idea that as a rich guy you can date or bed any lady you want/like but in truth, this thought isn’t true nor a fact but what is true is that as a rich guy yes you can easily get broke, desperate ladies who a lot of times see you as a financial breakthrough for their lives.
Rich Guy
Reasons Why As A Rich Guy You Should Stop Dating Or Going For Cheap/Desperate Ladies

It is quite common to hear guys say that at the start of whatever relationship they might share with these types of ladies it was all fun, sweet and seems heavenly perfect only for their true selves or attitudes to surface later on in the relationship when the ladies start to feel more comfortable and more in control.
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It is at this point the guys now start finding them insufferable or unbearable or they can’t cope with certain behaviours and attitudes of theirs. But in truth, these things were there all along it was you the rich guy who chose or created these problems yourselves by either walking into the relationship by bragging about your wealth or how much you make, what you wear, how much it costs all in the bid to try to sway a lady into dating you.

5 Reasons Why As A Rich Guy You Should Stop Dating Or Going For Cheap/Desperate Ladies

All you’ve done is dig a hole or create an impression in such a lady that will only make them go into the relationship with you for all of the wrong reasons.

When you go into a relationship with having created this unnecessary euphoria in the lady that you the wealthy, open-cheque messiah sent their way by God, then you start complaining that the lady offers you nothing but just pussy. No sense, no personality, she has attitude. My brother it’s your fault you created the impression for them not to want to try and have any of this because money hides a lot of things, just as much it exposes a lot of things.

With the conscious  need to help change this mentality below are 5 reasons why you should stop dating broke and desperate ladies, and stop going into a relationship forming you’re some type of moneybag;

  1. They are master pretenders and con-artist who will play along at first and do almost anything you want so far you take care of their financial well-being. But remember a Leopard can only change its spots not who he is.
  2. They, in the long run, become really insufferable to cope with and once they have ripped off you enough, they cash out, break up with you or in the grand scheme they divorce you, and use your money to set themselves up and blame you for being a scum.
  3. A lot of them lack personality, dreams and ambition its all just vibes and Insha-Allah, in that popular BBNaija housemates voice “I just want to relax and be taken care-off”
  4. Some suffer from low self-esteem and personality disorder and blame it on mental health whereas they’re suffering from poor societal upbringing, trying to measure up to societal standards and battling to find their place in the societies
  5. They will at some point end up being just trophy wives/golddiggers looking for survival means.
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    5 Reasons Why As A Rich Guy You Should Stop Dating Or Going For Cheap/Desperate Ladies

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