That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Things To Do When Preparing For A Hookup Smash

Allo ah, the last few weeks has been quite busy for me with work and exams but there is no better time to get a free hook-up with a girl and you can walk away with no strings attached than now to help easy of the work and school stress.

So last week this old female friend hit me up and we got intimate, she told me its been a while she’s been with an opposite sex in a sexual way hmmmm!, that got me wondering why would she be telling me such, she went further to ask if I was open to the idea of us hooking up and leaving it platonic and am like hell yeah why not.

That Sharp Naija Guy
Dick appointment

Right there it all happened, we picked a date and set up a “Dick Appointment”, so here were the conditions I knew I had to put in place so that it went seamless and adventurous as it could be. Conditions put in place;

  1. Pick A Date: Yes pick a date, you both must pick a date that would be very comfortable for you both and make sure you both don’t have any other more important prior engagements that would get your minds occupied or distracted. So yes very important pick a date that works for you both and prepare for the upcoming battle.
  2. Don’t Call her Too Much, Don’t Stop Flirting and Chatting: Yes I know most guys once such a thing is set in motion they start calling the lady and might become overbearing, no! don’t do that. Remember the fact you guys probably spoke about it and she accepted to go along with it be rest assured she already thought about it and knows she wants it. So your job here is to just keep her wanting it and stimulate her in the right way by flirting with her smartly and do not go MIA stay in touch but don’t make it excessive.Read Also: That Sharp Naija Guy: 24 Coded Ways Used To Refer To Sex
  3. Don’t Use Performance Enhancing pills before Hand: I know for such engagements a lot of guys jump and head out to look for sexual performance enhancement drugs, and use it ahead in anticipation the worst thing that could ever happen in a “Dick Appointment” is when a lady doesn’t show-up and you already pumped yourself full of sexual enhancing drugs and it was a no-show oh shit and you’re here with an 8 inches boner damn!…I can only imagine the headache and severe blue balls you would be left with. So the advice is to wait until she is around before using such pills and chill for at least 30mins or 45mins before instigating anything sexual while waiting for you both get something to eat for stamina for the work ahead.
  4.  Clean-Up: Yes a lady is coming over and because she’s not your gf, you think it isn’t necessary you should clean-up, Come on bro don’t be an embarrassment to all SNGs and players of this game. Get up and bloody clean up that toilet put in a nice new and clean sheet on the bed and spray some nice air fresheners in that damp room of yours.
  5. Have Food at Home And Create The Erotic Ambience: You have a “Dick Appointment” bro eat something, make sure you’re prepared for every possible outcome so yes eat and get something for the lady too also have a lot of water available for a drink, it’s very important you must stay hydrated. Create the perfect ambience like my My friend Kashoki calls it creating the “Mojo Mood” feeling, make sure no one is coming over to disturb, have fuel in the generator.

And a word for the ladies too when you don’t intend too go through with or you are not sure about fulfilling your end of a “Dick Appointment” don’t instigate it, nor keep a guy hanging once you’re not sure you can make it tell quick, so that you can help protect a brother from suffering “Blue balls” please. Photo Credit: Getty

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