That Sharp Naija Guy: My NYSC Love Escapades, 5 Reasons Why Camp Is The Place To Express Your F*ckboyrity

Hello my esteemed SNG fans, so yes last week I started a series that would last for a period of a month on my NYSC love/relationship experience. I had quite a lot of fun while I was in camp but as much fun that I had I wasn’t lucky enough to be with any girl while I was in camp, “that thing still dey pain me ooo”…But sha my after Camp experience was one hell of a thrilling ride, from Epue my sweet Benin love, to Titi, Bimbo, Patricia, Maria and to my Sweet Omalicha nwa Calabar love Ufot.

So last week we discussed reasons why girls love dating while in camp, well just as much as girls would love or are open to hooking up while in camp it’s just a direct give away to why camp is the place for you to discover your ability as a f**k Boy and as well express it to its fullest, why do I think it is the place for you to express your fcukboyrity, here are the reasons why;

  1. Too Many Fish In The Water: Well the first reason would be, the fact that there are usually over 1000 to 2000 girls in camp as to usually lesser amount of guys in camp, makes it just the perfect place for you to just just keep shooting your shot until you the hit the right girl that would be heads and shoulder down for you and as long as you’re confident about it and you do your part well your gist would spread and other girls shall follow especially those that are also open to the idea of smash and bounce. So my advice is before heading to camp putting in some work to your looks and physique go in looking fresh and ripped, damn you already have them by the chin.
  2.  Protection: You’ve got protection while you’re in camp no girl can go crazy that much and attack you if you smash and bounce because she can’t come out and actually say it because she would also feel embarrassed. So she would just take it on the chin and move on.
  3. Experimental: There is high probability you would meet a girl that is open to the idea of getting experimental, that also just wants to hook-up and bounce. So if you’re calm, observant and go to the right places while in camp hell yeah you would meet her, Your “experimental gal”.
  4. Freedom: Camp gives the freedom that makes those mummy’s girls lose it and finally get the feeling that yeah am free and can do some of those things they’ve always wanted to do, bring some of their fantasies into fruition, so if you’re a fuck boy and have intentions to get freaky just look out for those type of girls and go for them.
  5. Camp Is Camp: Yeah just has it sounds, camp is camp whatever happens in camp stays in camp. Hook-up with as many girls you want to and once camp is over you can just disappear forever and y’all may never meet again. So yeah express your fcukboyrity and have fun for as much as you want. 
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N.B: Advice from a senior member of the Fcukboy Association, don’t hook-up while in camp get as much contact that you can create great rapport with as many girls you, take them out treat the ladies well, flirt with as much as you can, then after camp go to work. Photo Credit: Getty

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