3 Reasons Why Too Much Of Good Sex Could Lead To Cheating

Cheating quite a sensitive issue in relationships and dating life that never stops raging with no scientific proof as to why it happens that would actually help also create a scientific solution. Good Sex Leads To Cheating

There’s always so much of it happening around us and sometimes with us also partaking and you can’t help but wonder why is so and so much of it. Though many reasons readily come to mind. I am sure never did it cross your mind that having too much good sex could actually lead to cheating.
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Of all the reasons why people cheat, would you expect that having too much sex will be an issue? Neither do we!
But apparently, there may be a link between having enough good sex and actually cheating on one’s partner. Sounds weird, right?

Well, according to Assistant Professor Andrea Meltzer of Florida State University who co-authored the report, “sexual satisfaction was positively associated with infidelity suggesting that people who were more satisfied with their sex were more likely to engage in infidelity”
However, she was quick to add that the result was maybe a little more nuanced than the conclusion that enough good sex makes people want to cheat. Speaking to website, Fatherly, she says “this effect was surprising and so I would hesitate to draw any meaningful conclusions from it until it can be replicated in other samples.

“It is also worth noting that this positive association emerged in a very complex model that controlled for a number of related outcomes.”

People cheat when they are confident they won’t get caught

While Meltzer seems to still have some reservations over the result of her team’s new study, American Neuroscientist, Dr. Nicole Prause seemed quite assertive, telling Fatherly that:

“One of the strongest predictors of infidelity is actually power at work, which many scientists think indicates those who are prone to cheat, will, when they have the ability to conceal it.”

"Pastors Wives Are The Most Sex Starved", Tweep Recounts Friend's OrdealWanting To Try Their Prowess With Someone else or New 

The desire to want to perform the same tricks, skills and moves that makes it so good with one with another out of the feeling to confirm just maybe if they’re that good could lead to cheating. This might be more relatable with men. They’re more liable to do this as compared to women. They just want to try their bedroom skills and talents on other partners just out of adventure and assurance that they’re that good and skilful enough in the bedroom.

Point Of Equilibrium

Just like all great things in life, be it sports, a job, exercise people get tired of doing the same thing over a long period of time. This makes them want to try new things and different. Yeah, the feeling we’ve tried this and that I just want a new challenge something out of the regular could just lead to cheating.

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