Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Why Not All Skit Makers Are Good Actors

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Over the last few years, there have been more and more skit makers gain prominence for their acts and artistry. We have seen some of them metamorphous from being just skit makers to full-blown actors and actresses. However, this growth seems to begin to be seen as threats by some proper thespians who accuse them of not earning places in the industry and only getting their roles onset due to the popularity or just as marketing strategies by directors and producers.
This may seem like a not too popular accusation or perception but it is true that there is a scepticism towards them just walking onto sets and getting roles some proper actresses and actors believe belongs to them and that they deserve them. One of such actresses to have made such a connotative statement is the actress Jemima Osunde who in a post on her Instagram page wrote, saying Skit Makers are taking roles meant for proper actors.
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But actually, this statement isn’t completely true. Popular skit makers like Brodda Shaggi and Debo Macaroni are trained actors but started that entertainment career as skit makers before metamorphosing into characters for cinemas and movies and they haven’t disappointed in any way, carrying out their parts well and delivering in their roles effortlessly.
Now after making an argument that some skit makers are good actors and crediting them of performing exceptionally well in whatever roles they might have appeared in. There are some of them who are just not proper actors or actresses and should rather just stick to their trades as skit merchants and continue churning out their out kind of entertainment content.
Skit makersHowever, the entertainment industry needs to look for a way to recognize skit makers too for their trade, help organize the industry, because in fairness it has gradually developed into a proper full-blown industry of its and is still somewhat of a grey area that needs more organization, money and support.
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It is also worthy to mention the inclusiveness and recognition that theY are skit making industry will be getting at AMVCAA’s this year as three categories were dedicated to them. This is a major step-up and recognition for the industry and hopefully, in the next award celebrations, more categories will be created for the industry.

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