Weekend Playlist: 10 Songs For The Trendy Gen Z

Yay! It’s another weekend!
The Generation Z are the heart of entertainment. We know how to party like it’s our last. We know how to turn up, how to wiggle and twerk, move our body to dynamic sounds and rhythm. We know how to be happy with just our phone and earphone players, our headsets and airpods, and of course our dance moves. And weekend or not, we make our entertainment come to live.

Weekend PlaylistThis playlist is curated with the Gen Z in mind; with all their energy and fervor, their quietness and sobriety, their keen eyes and observant mind, their passionate bodies and their energetic dance moves.

Let’s get into it. Are you ready to party this weekend?

1. Tobi Laud – My Lady

A very energetic Afro-fusion song released on September 25. It is a declaration of his love interest and thoughts to his woman. The song has a powerful Owambe vibe.

2. Yusufkanbai – Know Me

An Afro RnB song from his two-track EP, ‘hear me out‘. The ease with which Yusufkanbai sings is the magnet that this song has to one’s ear. It is an easy flow and a great vibe.

3. Meji – 95If you love story and narrative rap, then this is the song you might want to listen to. From his EP, The One, Meji talks about growing up, the struggles and hardship, life after and what the future holds.

4. Wani – All My Ladies

Well, the “God forbid” man has a message for all his ladies in this song. A beautiful Afro-pop song with exciting adlibs at the beginning. He asks all his ladies to “f**k with me, I’m a real don dada.” We ask, will you?

5. DolapoTheVibe – Ijo

Literally meaning dance when translated into English, the dance-pop song is a party starter. Interestingly, the lyrics tell an exciting story. Great song to pop up the chardonnays to on the weekend.

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6. The Mockingbird’96 – Bad Like You

A trap song about the intricacies of life and trying to exist. The hook, which is done in a refrain, is as Gen Z folks love to say, lit. You want to get to cloud nine from smoke puffs? This might just be your song.

7. DJ Latitude feat. Soundz and Yusufkanbai.

This song has been the writer’s party vibe since it’s release in July. You just have to love the hard-work put into the production of this track. Apart from a catchy instrumental, he’s got two of the fastest rising musicians on this song, you just cannot help but move your body to it.

8. Nchinye – Love

When the song starts, you might think you’ve got Wizkid’s ‘Joro‘ on. You’re wrong. The calmness of the artiste voice and the alignment of the drums blend together to give the song a desired feel.

9. Babou Pires & Dally Ann feat. Peruzzi – Givenchy

An Afro-dancehall song that discusses African women and their beauty. Here’s a short description on Audiomack: “The title ‘Givenchy’ tells all that the lyrics of the song revolve about. African girls are beautiful and the skin tone defines it.”

10. Töme feat Sean Kingston – I Pray

From a three-track EP with the same title, this reggae-fusion has a bouncy feel. Just bops around your eardrums, with the guitar and the drums. The song comes off like Koffee’s Pressure. Are you ready to pray this weekend?Photo Credit: Instagram

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