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Beauty DIY: 3 Valentine Day Makeup Ideas

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Its Valentine and everyone is more interested to making their partner smile than offending them. While the guys are calling to ensure their dinner reservation is on, the ladies are busy ensuring that outfit is sexy enough. To achieve the perfect look, Valentine day makeup ideas is a must!
valentine day makeup idea
Tolu Bally

From your eye shadow to the lipstick, to the foundation everything just has to be on point. So here are 5 Valentine day make up ideas;
The Red Lipstick
There is just something about the colour red that makes things pop, so if you want to be the center of attraction for the night with boo, put on that red lipstick and watch him stare.

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Simple Is Gorgeous
Yes simple is indeed gorgeous, for that Val dinner don’t pack all the makeup in this world on your face but ensure every thing is done and applied in moderation.

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Be Careful With That Foundation
Most times its not all about quantity but quality. making use of quality makeup products is super important. So for that Valentine day makeup idea ensure not to have on too much foundation.
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