Tweeps Go Wild As Reports Say Rahama Sadau To Face Death Sentence

Rahama Sadau
Following the petition issued over the backless dress she wore, reports have been flying that Kannywood actress Rahama Sadau will be facing death sentence, and tweeps are not just going to have it.
Recall that KOKO TV reported how the actress would be appearing before Sharia Court over the snaps she shared on Twitter, which leaves her back bared and other parts of her body covered duly.
BBC Hausa reported that the Kaduna State Commissioner of Police has been ordered by the Nigeria Police Force to take action against the after a person lodged a complaint with the police over some of the pictures she published that insulted the Prophet Muhammad SAW.
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According to the BBC, she was not arrested by the police, contrary to reports in the media, but a source close to the case said she was trying to get a team of lawyers to take her to the office. police for self-defense. Some tweeps, however, noted that if she is to appear before the Shariah Court, her sentence will be death, and others have demanded justice for her. While some others debunk the rumour as false, others urge the actress to speak up so the truth could be known.

Rahama Sadau

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