Muslimah Style: Meet Fun & Pretty Marwa Atik Giving The Best Of Modest Fashion

Marwa Atik is a fashion and beauty blogger born and raised in California to Syrian parents. She is the co-founder and designer of VELA, a lifestyle and hijab fashion brand which empowers Muslim women who embrace the challenge to merge modern flair and individual style.

Her passion for the hijab, combined with her eye for fashion and design expertise, is apparent in her exclusive creations. She launched Vela with her sister in 2010 to bring beautiful, elegant, and affordable veils to women globally. Vela’s novelty veils have become a must-have item for the veiled woman around the world, and the company has enjoyed overwhelmingly positive feedback on its veils as well as passion.

Photo Credit: Marwa Atik


  1. When it comes to fashion females of every religion are same from nature. Just like the modern western models Mawra Atik is also appearing in her best modest styles. Though, she is an example for those Muslim ladies that also want to look stylish in Islamic dressings.

  2. Modest fashion can be hard to find in modern countries, especially in western countries. As some of the Muslim modest fashions are already banned in some of these countries, and other are thinking about it. That’s why, looking on the Internet for such pretty modest fashion is another option.

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