#ThrowbackThursday: 5 Prominent Music Bands That Nigerians Will Never Forget

Over the years, a good number of musical teams have joined forces to shake the Nigerian music industry. They found the perfect pitch together by combining their individual talents to produce songs that could never have been made by one man alone.
But eventually the inevitable presence of misunderstanding in any union or team later got the best of each and every one of them and the teams that looked indivisible during their peak moment later became a group of individuals that must never see eye to eye. The list below contain the five greatest musical bands that have thrilled the Nigerian music industry.
1. Styl-Plus: These guys were the greatest R&B band that ever stormed the Nigerian music industry. All their songs were spot-on. They were the creme-de-la-creme of the entertainment world in the late 90’s and early new millennium. Their bond was first severed by the sudden death of one of their members. After his death, the band struggled to stay united, and eventually, they slowly left the industry.
2. P-Square: The rise, reign and fall of our beloved P-Sqaure brothers literally pointed out the fact that blood ties were not strong enough to keep a team together. Their “Bizzy Body” hit track sounded their mane across the continent, they won a good number of national and international awards, and suddenly they ended their legendary band few months ago. Though the two brothers have tried to create an individual career, they might never rise to the height they once commanded in their days together.
3. Mo Hit Allstars: These guys were mighty. They were the best thing that happened to the industry till the advent of the likes of Da’grin. They literally seized the industry with every single track they released. They didn’t come together too often, but when they did, unforgettable tracks like “Pere” and “Booty Call” came to limelight. After their separation, they have struggled individually to maintain an international personality.
4. Plantashun Boiz: This was one of the greatest bands that broke off in their prime. Their band drowned faster than came to stardom. After their division, few of them maintained their presence in the industry. Though they tried to unite once again few years ago, a little argument eventually opened their old injuries and they parted ways once again.
5. Lagbaja and Ego: This duo reigned supreme in their days. Their unity gave light to unforgettable tracks like “Konko below”. They parted ways by mutual consent few years ago.
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