Get G-spot Orgasms Tonight By Mastering The Star-Crossed Lovers Sex Position

If you were looking for ways to take your relationship to new heights in the bedroom tonight, then take note of the Star-Crossed Lovers sex position.

Couples who are looking for new thrills need to master this pose, which is guaranteed to deliver mind-blowing G-spot orgasms. The Star-Crossed Lovers sex position is a great way to discover the joys of a G-spot orgasm.

To enjoy them, the position starts with the woman lying flat on her back, she then crosses her legs and brings them up towards her chest – as if you’re sitting cross-legged.

Star-Crossed Lovers sex position
Star-Crossed Lovers sex position

She gets into position by lying on her back with her legs crossed and drawn up to her chest. He then kneels above her and enters her, with her feet resting either side of his midriff.

The angle and position provides that extra sensation needed to reach the G-spot. This provides even more stimulation to the front of the vaginal wall (which is where the G-spot is located), compared to conventional missionary. By crossing her legs, she is tightening the vagina and also the angle of penetration. This is also a good position for women who prefer shallower penetration, or who find deep penetration uncomfortable.

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