That Sharp Naija Guy: 7 Intimacy Rules When Dating A Plus-size Babe

Most of the time, you will come across general sex advice. You will see all these interesting positions to try out but you don’t often get specific advice for plus size lovers.

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Sex isn’t exactly the same for bigger couples because there are some limitations but this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great time in the bedroom.

What you need are the right tips that cater to your needs. To help you have a bomb experience as a plus-size couple, here are some things to have at the back of your mind:

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Be present: This is a crucial tip that can come through for anyone regardless of body size. It’s easy to be very self-conscious about how you look and that can affect your sex life.

Before anything, you should come with confidence and focus on enjoying the moment. You’re with each other for more than just sex so you should trust each other more and release any worries.

Listen to her and your body: For the most part, we are in control of our bodies. But there are those moments where you should still listen to what it needs.

If you’re bending in a particular way and your bodies are complaining, you need to pay attention and probably readjust. It’s advisable to appreciate what your body can do and understand what it can’t handle to avoid unnecessary injuries. So, if your body tells you it doesn’t want to do a certain position, don’t force it.

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Make adjustments: One of the ways you can improve your bedroom life with your partner is to customise the common moves you already know. There are no specific rules when it comes to sex because it all depends on what you’re comfortable with.

If it’s a position that requires you to twist your body at an uncomfortable angle, you can simply do it in a different way. This is how you will come up with your go-to favorite positions that suit you best.

Research new positions for you to try: There are lots of interesting bedroom ideas for plus size couples. You might already have a selection of moves you like but if you’re looking for a change, you should do your research.

You can try these new concepts for yourself to see which ones you can add to your list. Plus, you don’t need to go for those crazy acrobatic moves like the butter churner because the ones that suit your needs are perfect too.

Add some extra support: You definitely don’t want to mess up your knees and hurt your back just because you wanted to try some uncomfortable moves. When you are plus size, your body needs that added support and you should probably look for ways to add some comfort.

You can buy some supportive sex pillows or just find a firm one you already have and maybe even order some supportive sex furniture that’s specifically made for maximum comfort and fun.

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