That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Gimmicks Every Nigerian Girl Use To Get A Man

Hello SNG fans this week we’ve decided to expose more of the tricks and gimmicks front by most Nigeria young ladies when they want a man. Only a few girls dare to chase men openly, but all of them use the following tricks to attract them. Men, you should beware of these. They can indicate a girl likes you and tries to attract your attention. Well for the regular class then I say it again pay attention to the tricks being identified and learn;

  1. Make-Up:  This is a common trick with most Nigerian girls, especially in the last 5 years Make-ups as taken a higher place of priority, almost every girl now takes an online course in Make-Up in modern Nigeria. Indeed it does wonder in transforming an ordinary woman into a beauty. If a girl knows how to use this art, most likely, you have never seen her real face. You may not even know her without the makeup. And she invests time and money in her great looks, too. However, some girls naturally overdo it and attain just the opposite effect. Still, she tried to hard you and that counts.
  2. Tone Of Voice: Almost every girl has a tone change when talking to a Guy they like, But Naija girl own is on another level the pitch in their voice changes automatically, like we call it in local parlance they start to speak “fhoneei” (Phonetics). It becomes so velvety, low and sexy. She got those tones saved for her very special occasions and men. Do not think she would waste them for someone she is not into.
  3. Her Hair: When Naija girl likes you she becomes twice as conscious of her Hair, Want a bet? If she undoes all the makeup and hair, you won’t even know who she is! Some girls use hair extensions and other tricks to fool the men and get them hooked. Again such things are time-consuming and costly, but they always pay off.
  4. Non-Materialistic Girlfriend Card: Well this actually depends and don’t get it wrong all Naija girls love Money, well who doesn’t. But when you get hooked by a new girl and she likes you the first few times y’all go out she plays it cool and try to look like a good girl with a low materialistic drive. Please don’t get it twisted this is the oldest trick in the Naija Girl dating book, play the good girl until you know, you completely have him under-Control especially if the Guy is quite buoyant financially. Well, some guys would argue against it that some girls are vicious and are out on the kill immediately and the reply I give is there is a difference between a “Slaymama” Who’s means of meeting ends means is only by sleeping or Hooking up with men. Even some “Slaymamas” when they actually meet a guy they like and I mean really like they play all of this gimmicks especially when they know that financially they’re in safe waters with the guy.
  5. The Holy Girl And Good Girl Card: The good girl and Holy card are usually associated with the sucking up to the guy’s parent, Even when she does not wear any makeup or high heels, she captures men’s glances and attracts suitors. So, if she is open to you and you have fun being around her, most likely she is into you and wants you to respond back to her efforts. This gimmick is some played along with the NO Sex Card well this is just up until she gets to point where she feels like she’s in control then she unleashes the true acts of her hearts. Photo Credit: Getty

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