Tuesday, September 26, 2023

TBT: Throwback To The Legendary Alanta Dance

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After Olu Maintain stole our hearts for almost one complete year, a strange “belly scrathching” trend popped up from nowhere to bench our classic Yahooze dance. Some of us played it down as a Yahooze wannabe that will eventually fade out, others saw it as a razz dance for the “Ajegunle part” of Lagos. But after much deliberation and condemnation, we all embraced Alanta dance as the next big thing.
Artquake applied finishing touches to the dance with their “Alanta” track, and before we knew it, Alanta became a national style. It seems just like yesterday, but the surge of numerous dance styles have pushed the legendary Alanta dance deep down our memory lane. but we all have those good memories where we hanged out with friends in parties to rock this dance. Join me to relive these 2009-2010 moments as we exercices our hands and feets to the legendary Alanta dance.
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