Sway Your Onlookers In These Chic Ankara Styles

When we think our KOKOnistas, all that comes to mind is chic! chic!! chic!!, and that is why, we won’t stop dishing out inspos, especially Aso Ebi and Ankara styles for you to slay in.
We are your plug and we know it and likewise, we are equal and up to the task. Today, we have brought you not 5 or 10 but 12 Ankara styles that you need to don seriously. Not only will you look nice and amazing in them, you are sure going to sway your onlookers, erode their thoughts and get all of their attention in these chic ensembles. Check them out!
1. Short and Cut Out2. The skirt and the fring top 💯3. Don’t you love the neck and pleated drape already!4. Short and Maxi5. Plunging off shoulder top with the power sleeveSee also: 8 Fantastic Reasons Why Silver Aso Ebi Styles Are The True Definition Of Exotic And Elegance
6. Peplum Ankara top on plain bootcut pants… the sleeve!7. Simple yet unique, for the straight slim KOKOnista8. Lace and Ankara mix-matched top with plain pants rocks9. Pack it all in this screaming, bogus-sleeved corset top10. Skirt and blouse never goes away11. Peacocky and patterned
12. The last but definitely not the least… charmingly patterned!
Sway Your Onlookers In These Chic Ankara Styles
Sway Your Onlookers In These Chic Ankara Styles
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