Only Shallow Men Care About Beauty – Reno Omokri Tells Women

Nigerian activist Reno Omokri in one of his daily nuggets has reminded women on the need to ensure they are beautiful both by face and at heart, noting that only shallow men care about the former alone.
Taking to the streets of Twitter as usual, the self-acclaimed Buhari Tormentor agrees that it is of course nice to be beautiful but it is important that women do not forget the beauty of character.
Adding that the shallow men who get attracted to the physical beauty will go after everything that attracted him fades away, Reno noted that beauty attracts a man but character keeps him.
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“Be beautiful. But dont forget beauty of character. Only shallow men care about your beauty when your heart is ugly. And why would you want a shallow man? He will go when the thing that attracted him is gone. Attract with beauty. Keep with character”, he tweeted.
Reno Omokri
Photos Credit: Instagram

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