Normalise Respecting Women Who Go After Their Dreams – Actress Idia Aisien

Idia Aisien Is A Sweet Baby Girl In These Enchanting Snaps
Media personality Idia Aisien has slammed people who constantly bash women and have negative things to say about their success across various disciplines. The TV girl shared that women take a lot of hits financially, economically, and socially from society.

She used herself as an example sharing that when she worked at a firm in New York people assumed she should be in Marketing because she was too pretty. Idia revealed that when she joined the media people told her that every girl in the industry sleeps with their boss to rise to the top. The actress shared that she just wants to be known for her craft and respected for what she does and not have to receive all the backlash she gets on a daily for being part of a certain industry.
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