KOKO Docuseries: All You Need To Know About Rice Milling In Nigeria

Rice is one food that is eaten by all and sundry in Nigeria but not a lot of people are aware of the fact that it takes a 3-month process before it can be eaten as food.rice
In a exclusive interview with KOKO TV, a rice miller named Matthew Egunjobi speaks about the process involved in the milling of this grain in Nigeria. He revealed how the milling machine can not damage the grain and the only time this grain can be damaged or spoilt is if the farmers do not handle it.
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A rice farmer needs a miller as much as a miller needs a farmer because they both work hand in hand in the chain of production. If a miller is absent the food harvested cannot get to its final stage of consumption.
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The eye opening documentary further speaks about the help millers need from governmental bodies and how it will take rice milling in Nigeria further. Watch the interview here;

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