Mo Abudu Reveals The Truth About “Oloture”

Just recently, an investigative journalist Tobore Ovuorie alleged Ebony life media of stealing her life story and making it into a movie “Oloture” without her consent.

This caused a lot of controversies as the allegation was let out in an interview where the investigative journalist claimed that the “Oloture” movie is the story of her life and she wrote an article on it for Premiums times about 7 years ago.
Tobore went undercover for months as Ogogo, an aspiring sex worker seeking greener pastures. The report sought to investigate the dangerous sex trafficking business prevalent in Nigeria.

However, things went south for her when she decided to take the investigation beyond work but something personal to her. Just as in the movie “Oloture”.
In regards to this, the CEO Ebony Life media and Ebony life Place, Mo Abudu has publicy debunk the allegations in a video she recently released on Instagram.
Prior to this time, the media group had already publicly released a press release on the matter but perhaps that wasn’t enough to calm the inferno between the two persons in question.
According to Mo Abudu, the movie “Oloture” is a work of fiction born out of several in-depth research that had the labor of more than 100 creatives to put together.

And for a firm who is grounded in the rudiments of media policies, especially copyright policy, such accusation is false. As they ensured they paid ample attention to legal issues regarding the production of the movie and also gave end credits to whom it is due.

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The mother and grandmother took to her Instagram page to let people know the reason why she had to explicitly let people know what transpired. Surprisingly, Mo Abudu and Tobore had a pretty good relationship before the release of the movie on 2nd October, 2020. Mo Abudu also claimed that she has interviewed Tobore on several occasions, had discussions with her and even assisted her financially when she lost her dad.

As a mentor to many and a professional at what she does, the media personality said:
“I also stand as mentor to so many young girls and ladies, I never want to disappoint any of you, so again, I did this to give you all an understanding of the situation.”
Watch Mo Abudu’s video below;


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