Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Meet Meagan, The Woman Who Goes Completely Naked For Libido-Improving ‘Bum Sunning’

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A Woman claims her bizarre “bum sunning” ritual is the key to better sleep and boosts energy – but doctors have warned against it.

Meagan, from California, went viral after posting a picture of herself on Instagram practising what she described as “perineum sunning”. It shows her lying on her back naked while holding her feet with her legs in the air and her butt facing the sun at Joshua Tree National Park in California.

The self-proclaimed healer, who goes by Metaphysical Meagan on social media, said it was part of her “daily rising routine” and that she’s even ditched her morning coffee for the practise.

Meagan claimed that just 30 seconds of sun on her perineum – the area between her anus and vulva – was the equivalent to spending a day in the sun fully-clothed. In her post on October 21, she explained that it was “an ancient Taoist practice that’s been around for a while”.

She said that in the three weeks she had been trying it out she had noticed she had “surges of energy almost immediately”. Meagan also suggested she had better sleep, better connection her “sexual energy” and “control of my life force”.

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She added that she had more “creativity flowing through my life” and had attracted her “soul tribe” – or people who are on the same wavelength as her.

Meagan added: “This is truly more energising than slamming cups of coffee and is a great alternative to consuming neurotoxic coffee & caffeine that can disrupt your adrenal gland health.”

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In another post on November 12, she responded to comments she had received about the practise since her initial post. She wrote: “Perineum sunning is an ancient Taoist practice that originated in the Far East. In Taoism, the perineum or Hui Yin is called the “Gate of Life and Death.” This is a gateway where energy enters & exits the body.”

In this caption, she also claimed that it “strengthens the organs”, “aids in healthy libido” and “regulates the circadian rhythm and promotes deeper sleep”.

She added: “My experience with perineum sunning has been profound. I have been practising this for a few months now. I start my day with 5 minutes of perineum sunning & feel energised for hours. I no longer rely on coffee for energy to start my day because I am getting my energy from the sun. I also am experiencing better sleep and require less sleep due to boost of overall energy.

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“I would highly recommend this to anyone who is seeking optimal health & wellness and to those looking to connect with their sexual energy in a balanced way. The main advice I have that this practice is meant to be done in the time of 30 seconds to 5 minutes MAX in the sun.”She concluded that the intention is “not to tan your butthole” and worryingly added that “sunscreen is not required”.

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