Matilda Hipsy Is The Queen Of Curves

Like the popular saying goes when you’ve got it you flaunt it. This is the motto the stunning and beautiful Matilda Hipsy is certainly living by and we wouldn’t blame her because the greatest gift you can give yourself is to love your curves.The stunning media personality is all about celebrating her curves and feeling confident in them. She loves to show off her curves and wears the perfect outfit that hugs them in the right places.Matilda Hipsy is all about the curvy life and shows how versatile and fun curvy fashion can be.  She handles her curves so well and never runs out of fabulous and amazing pieces that are perfect for it.

Her wardrobe is certainly all shades of goals for cuvy fashionistas and we would give anything to get a few pieces from her closet. Check out lovely photos from the queen of curves.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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