Mariama Blac Is An Amory Of Modest Style Ideas

We love our modest fashionistas and it is always a pleasure to profile their style and appreciate their fashion. Today for Muslimah style we would be looking at modest fashion stylist Mariama Blac who styles modest fashion lines and models.

Mariama Blac Is An Amory Of Modest Style Ideas The fashion stylist said she decided to focus on Muslimah style and modest fashion because a lot of people in the fashion world ignore and sideline them. She said her goal is to talk modest fashion and help women make better fashion choices even with their limited fashion options. She hots regular how to style videos for her fellow young Musimah’s.

In her words:  “I talk Modest Fashion and lifestyle, and help Muslim Women make better dressing choices plus Junkie “How to Style”Videos. Mariama Blac style is chic, fresh and daring pushing  boundaries and setting the pace for modest fashionistas.
Photo Credit: Instagram

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