Celebrity Beauty: Lopelewa Shows Us How To Slay Traditional Looks For Jumat

Friday is here and we need the right slay to head out for Jumat in a couple of hours . The Jumat service is a major highlight of our life as muslimah’s especially during the holy month  of Ramadan.Getting the right outfit for Friday sometimes is usually difficult but we have found the perfect muse Lopelewa to show us how to serve the perfect Friday slay.
Lopelewa Shows Us How To Slay Traditional Looks For Jumat
Lopelewa Shows Us How To Slay Traditional Looks For Jumat
The stunning Muslimah is one person that just knows how to rock the most stunning traditional looks for her Friday prayers. Her page is one to look forward to every Friday because she has the perfect Jumat slay ready at all time and just like Lopelewa, It is time to refresh your style and wardrobe for this holy month so no Friday passes by without you having a wardrobe that ticks the event.We know how a lot of people struggle with how to look great for Jumat so we have decided to help you out with a number wonderful outfits that would be perfect for your Friday worship all from Lopelewa’s wardrobe.
1. Make it a Pinktastic affair.Pink is one colour you can’t help but fall in love with for a lot of reasons. It is the perfect choice for an all time feminine vibe and if you want to be extra slay in pink all the way.

2. Paint the town Red. If you want to walk into a room and command attention this colour is the perfect choice. Nothing screams attention and audience like the colour red and if we are being honest there is nothing like too much red.

3. Green with envy. Serve us some money green Fashion at your next friday worship we would love to see it. Green is a fabulous colour that gives you the right amount of sass and attitude you need.

4. Be a drama queen and walk into the room with a sleeve that can talk. We love our dramatic sleeves for all the attention and extra fabulous vibe that they bring to an outfit. The moment you walk into the room you are certainly going to be drawing a lot of attention to yourself and become the topic of conversation.

5. Feathers and ruffles are a perfect match on any outfit and her outfit is a proof of this truth. This look is a perfect choice for your Friday worship so step out and worship in style.

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