Let Them Call You Stingy, As Long As It Stops You From Going Broke – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri Speaks On Feminism
The stingy boy association and stingy girl association trend that started online is becoming real. Nigerians are taking it to another level and Reno Omokri has decided to shatter their towers with another nugget.

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The political activist seem not t be in support of all that is going on, saying that there is no justifiable reason to back the claim that a lady’s boyfriend must shoulder her financial needs. He said;
“Dear Stingy Women Association,
Why should a man you are dating give you money? Is it because:
* You are disabled?
* You are too good to work?
* You are an investment
* You are an orphan and he is doing charity, or
* Because you are a prostitute?”
Reno Omokri

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He also posited that a guy who is financially prudent would be tagged a stingy man because of how conservative he is financially.
“If you are a financially prudent man, some women will interpret it as stinginess”
True or not, this nugget has got people talking for and against the nugget online.


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