#LekkiMassacre! A Tribute To The Victims Of 20.10.2020 – The Story So Far

A tragic event that will live an indelible mark on the minds of all Nigerian youths forever took place on the 20th of October 2020, at the Lekki Tollgate Plaza, Lagos. It is a story that brings to grim and bare of the sheer incompetence, nonchalance and complete disregard of the rights of the youths by the Nigerian government both old and new.#LekkiMassacre 20.10.2020Aisha Yesufu, Lekki Massacre tribute 20.10.2020

Today it turned a month that young Nigerians were brutally murder, killed and massacred by their own government just because they demanded a better delivery of good governance, good leadership and a country they could be proud of.

Nigerian youths took to the streets to seek an end to police brutality, extortion, stereotyping, injustice, the scrapping of the rogue police unit F-SARS, and the complete reform of the Nigeria Police Force.

But their demands were met with anti-humanitarian and anti-democratic measures, as the government seeks to keep its citizens oppressed, voiceless and devoid of the moral destitute to demand their rights.

Today it turned a month since the #EndSARS protests was hijacked by the government and hoodlums through violent acts. Today it turned a month since the events of 20.10.2020 took place and no one has been brought to book no military commander has yet answered for the war crimes committed on that faithful day. The Nigerian government has continued to deny that the military killed Nigerian youths at the Lekki Tollgate, they continue to deny that the military did not use Live ammunition. They continue to claim that the military didn’t shoot directly at peaceful #EndSARS protesters. #LekkiMassacre

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But just a couple of days back International media firm CNN released a video clip that defeats all of this claims made by the Nigerian government. The video showed Nigerian Military shooting directly at peaceful protesters. The video also showed evidences of the Nigerian Military using live ammo.

Since after the protest, the Government has intensified its push for the “Social Media bill”. Is this what the country should be more worried about now?

Since after the protest warehouses where COVID-19 palliatives were stocked up and kept instead of been shared and distributed to the less privileged that actually needed them. The warehouses were found out and looted by angry Nigerians.

Since after the protest, the Nigerian brave female disc jockey Obianuju Catherine Udeh popularly known as DJ Switch has had to flee the country and sought asylum from Canada.Protest

Since after the protest Judicial panels have been sworn-in with two of the lead voice for the #EndSARS protest sworn-in on the Lagos Judicial panel, in-person of Rinu Oduala and Temitope Majekodunmi.

Musicians, singer, and actresses have all done their own part in the fight. One of the most popular contributions which was made by Nigerian Grammy-award nominated act Burna Boy dropped a song in tribute of the #LekkiMassacre titled- 20.10.2020 

The #EndSARS even brought forward its own unique slangs and slogans which the Nigerian youths have used to express their stances from #SoroSoke, #WeGetCoconutHead, #OffHisMic these are some of the most famous ones.

With all of the positives of the #EndSARS protest and the array of negatives that trailed the #LekkiMassacre, all that stands to be questioned is when will the Nigerian government answer for the crimes committed on the night of Tuesday, October 20th 2020. And the fallen heroes and brave souls of young Nigerians like that of Jimoh Ishaq, Pelumi Onifade and many more that were cut short and robbed of their prime be honoured by the Nigerian government. Eromosele Adene

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Rather the government has gone after the #EndSARS  protest promoters by freezing their accounts, arresting them, seizing their passports this just tells you the type of oppressive government we have in place in this country.

Enough of the sad thoughts the article choose to celebrate the Nigerian youths and asks of them to always speak up and never to live in fear and oppression. To believe that things will and has to change for the best in their own time.Music, Protests

This is a tribute to the souls lost at the Lekki toll plaza (#LekkiMassacre) and to the spirit of the average Nigerian youth, from Fk Abudu, Rinu Oduala, Folarin Falana “Falz”, Runtown, DJ Switch, Rudy Boy, Small Doctor, Eromosele Adene, Debo Macaroni, Pamilerin Adegoke, Temitope Majekodunmi, Modupe Odele, Kiki Mordi, Aisha Yesufu and every Nigerian youth that took an active part in the #EndSARS protest online and offline.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, seek to always have an impact in government and in your immediate environment.

INEC please start #votersregistrationnow…#Tribute to the victims of #LekkiMassacre 20.10.2020

#LekkiMassacre 20 10 2020 Lekki Massacre Lagos Lekki Toll Gate Photo Credit: Getty

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