Learn To Convert Wisdom To Riches – Rita Daniels Advises

Nollywood actress and billionaire mother-in-law Rita Daniels has feed her fans and followers some words of wisdom for Tuesday.
The ever-young actress took to The Gram to drop the bars, reminding her followers that they should never try to make everyone like them.Learn To Convert Wisdom To Riches - Rita Daniels AdvisesAccording to her, if one is trying and striving to ensure everyone likes him/her, such person can never succeed. She noted that there will always be haters for whatever one does or stands for and nobody can change that fact.
Instead of expending energy on such journey and mission, Rita Daniels advised that people be themselves and live to express themselves and not impress others. She added that people need to get creative about their life as creativity is the order of the day. She then concluded that people should learn to convert their wisdom to riches, as that will never fail.Learn To Convert Wisdom To Riches - Rita Daniels AdvisesNever try too hard to make every body to like you, because obviously you can’t succeed, there will always be haters, you can’t change that, it’s not every body that can stand you, in fact, it doesn’t matter if people like you or not, be your best self and you’II attract the best people around you, this is the power of authenticity. Live life to express not to impress.
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In this our world today, you need to be creative to break the glass ceiling. Creative mind is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others, it’s a personal and a complimentary race not a competition. When you succeed, I bet you, you will have many followers! The Lord said “ Then said I, Wisdom is better than strength: nevertheless the poor man’s wisdom is despised, and his words are not heard” learn to convert your wisdom to genuine riches! it will not fail, a lot are looking up to YOU!! Good morning and have a blessed Tuesday”, she wrote. 
Rita Daniels feeds her fans with some words of wisdom
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