Kris Jenner Reveals Her Favourite Daughter, Smartest Child And Best Grandkid…You Will Never Guess Who She Picked

Kris Jenner responded to the questions that has lingered in the minds of fans since the family rose to fame. Which of the five daughters is Kris Jenner’s favourite?

The followers of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, commonly guess Kim as being the favourite since she is credited for propelling her family into the limelight.
During one of her visits on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, Kris answered a few personal questions about her life.
One of these were in regards to who was her favourite daughter. After thinking for a couple seconds, Kris clarified that their favourite daughter of the day was Khloé.

Kris was caught between a sword and a wall with Ellen but powered through and thought about her strategic response to these questions.
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When asked which of her 10 grandkids is her favourite, she responded, “I just saw her before I came here so, Dream.” Dream is the daughter of Rob Kardashian and  Blac Chyna.

Kris continued with Ellen’s games. One of the questions that forced her to think was which of her kids were going to give her the next grandkid. “Kourtney… Khloé or maybe Kendall,” she said hopefully. At the moment, Kendall Jenner is the only member of the Kardashian clan with no kids and the proud grandmother would love to meet her babies.

And for which daughter is the most intelligent, after a few seconds pondering, Kris assured that it was Kim, the wife of Kanye West. Kim seems to be the most active and ambitious daughter in the business sector and surprises her fans everyday with decisions that increase her fortune.Photo Credit: Getty

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