Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Keyshia Cole And Ex-husband Daniel Gibson Agree To No Child Or Spousal Support

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Love and Hip Hop star Keyshia Cole and her husband Daniel Gibson have finally reached a settlement in their ongoing divorce case. According to legal documents, the ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star and Gibson have officially settled their divorce and have agreed to cover the costs of parenting their son while he is living with each of them.

Keyshia Cole And Ex-husband Daniel Gibson Agree To No Child Or Spousal SupportIn the filing, Keyshia Cole and Gibson also agrees not to say anything bad about the other parent or their family members. “The Court finds that both parties waives any right to current spousal support. No court shall have jurisdiction to order any spousal support for either party at any time. “The parties shall have joint custody of the minor child (10-year-old Daniel Gibson Jr.)” and each has agreed to not receiving any child support!

Each party is ordered to support the minor child while the child is residing with that Party and current child support is set at zero.” They are also ordered to “equally share the cost of the minor child’s tuition and all such cost shall be timely paid directly to the minor’s school.”

Keyshia Cole and Gibson agreed to split other things like birthday parties, and “shall meet and confer on any other expenses for the minor child.” In the end, all expenses shall be shared equally. “The Parties shall have joint custody of the minor child,” it reads.

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They have also agreed that “both parents are not to disparage the other parent or the other parent’s family members in the hearing of the child, or otherwise discourage the child from spending time with the other parent.” In the divorce agreement, they went as far as putting in a clause in case they decide to get back together.

“Any reconciliation between the Parties shall not cancel, terminate‚ modify or waive any provisions of this Judgment unless the Parties so agree in writing. However, nothing in this subsection shall be construed to waive either Party’s rights in community property accrued after a reconciliation.

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