Dr Enenche Didn’t Write The TB Joshua Article – Dunamis Clarifies

TB Joshua and Paul Enenche
Dr Paul Enenche, the Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre has cleared his name off the article celebrating TB Joshua’s “evils”, saying he was no the one who wrote or published it.

The article, written by an Abuja comedian, highlights the deceased TB Joshua’s marital success, no controversy of extra-marital affair, his philanthropism and how he didn’t advertise himself to become known, and had made waves over the weekend after the clergy was laid to rest in his church at Ikotun, Lagos.

Dr Enenche Didn't Write The TB Joshua Article - Dunamis Clears
TB Joshua’s Mausoleum

Given that the writer is based in Abuja and shares the last name of the Dunamis clergy, he was mistaken for the clergy and reports had it that the clergy wrote the article. Dunamis church has, however, come out to clear her clergy’s name off it the story.
In a statement posted on Nairaland by a certain Owukpa’s and shared on the church’s Facebook page, the church said the attribution of the story is misleading as the said statement did not emanate from the Senior Pastor. “The viral story making the rounds on social media with the headline, How I love the ‘evil’ of Prophet TB Joshua, credited to Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche, Senior Pastor, Dunamis International Gospel Centre was actually written by a totally different person”, the statement began.

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“The attribution of the story is misleading as the said statement did not emanate from the Senior Pastor. The said story was authored by Enenche Obonyilo Peter, also known as Enenche Enenche, a comedian and it was first published on Daily Post online with his name boldly written below the article. To set the record straight, Enenche Enenche is an entertainer while Dr. Paul Paul Enenche is a pastor and both are separate individuals. Those sharing the story should be aware of who the real author is, as any attribution of the article to Dr Paul Enenche is false and misleading”, the statement added.Dr Enenche Didn't Write The TB Joshua Article - Dunamis ClearsDr Enenche Didn't Write The TB Joshua Article - Dunamis ClearsEnenche Enenche, the writer of the article further backed up the church’s disclaimer, insisting he wrote the article and not the Senior Pastor. According to him, the clergy knows nothing about it and mischief elements were ascribing it to him. “I WROTE IT AND NOT PST DR PAUL ENENCHE I would like to clear the air on my article “I LOVE THE ‘EVIL’ OF T. B JOSHUA” that has been trending since yesterday. It flew from my wall here on Facebook and many people especially mischief elements are now ascribing it to the revered Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Center, Dr Paul Enenche. He knows nothing about it, I wrote and posted it on Facebook yesterday during the interment of the departed Prophet T.B Joshua and it flew from my wall. I do get inspirations that come in the form of electric shocks; people close to me can attest. When they come, I “vomit” them as written words. I started having that experience after a night in July 2006, when I heard a voice saying: “I HAVE SET YOU ASIDE, TO SPEAK TO HEADS””, he wrote.

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“If you follow my kind of events, they are predominantly for “heads” – Heads of religious, political, economic, diplomatic and Military Organisations etc. It is not a mistake; grace made it so and I never lobbied for any of them. When these shocks come, I usually want to be alone and I see things from a different point of view… I can say it to ANY MAN in front of me and later ask myself if I actually said those words. I’m taking time to openly state this for the first time because where purpose is not understood, motives are misinterpreted. When I see some things I have Written before, I wonder when I actually wrote them. I take responsibility for any inconvenience this may have caused our father in faith, Pst (Dr) Paul Enenche. He knows nothing about the said article, so let’s avoid dragging his name into this please. God bless us all!”, he added.
Enenche Enenche clears air on TB Joshua article

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