Quick And Easy Potato Snack Recipe To Try This Weekend

It’s Friday again KOKOFoodies – all this means is, it is another day on our Food segment, and today it is POTATO!. Last Friday we looked at recycling ideas for leftover foods and I hope you tried out at least one of them – the toast bread and beans excites me to remember and try again though, you know the feeling of exploring.
If there is anything i have been preaching on this food segment, you sure know it is exploration and I have come to find a very great delight in me to explore and at the end of the day, boosts my love for cooking and I so much pride in my cooking abilities.Quick And Easy Potato Snack Recipe To Try For The Weekend
I just came across a very simple, easy and quick recipe for Potato snack and I am so much delighted to share it with you. Remember we did 5 Delicacies To Spice Your Food Routine With, yeah, this recipe below can fit into that category. You know sometimes, you just crave snacks alternative from the usual gluten and want to change the phase of things in your home.
The latter has been my mission since I came to enjoy fooding and cooking, and is one of the things i look forward to do when I get married and have a home of my own.
But before I go there, let me treat my family and myself to some good and new things too, you should do the same, hence, this Quick And Easy Potato Snack Recipe.Quick And Easy Potato Snack Recipe To Try For The Weekend
✅ Sweet potatoes
✅ Meat
✅ Onions
✅ Green pepper
✅ Bell pepper
✅ Seasoning Cubes
✅Scotch bonnet pepper
✅ Others (ginger and garlic powder, curry, thyme, flour, eggs and breadcrumbs) optional
Blend the scotch, green and bell pepper roughly with little or no water (hand blender most preferably) and set aside. Wash, mince and boil meat with the seasoning, salt, garlic, chilli pepper, ginger and garlic powder, and set aside too. You may also not boil till later. Read on to see how.
Cook/steam your potatoes till soft, drain then pound in mortar (don’t use blender so you don’t have to use water).Quick And Easy Potato Snack Recipe To Try For The Weekend
✅ Prepare filling by frying your onions and meat. Add in the onion into the heated oil first, then the meat and peppers and fry for about 2 minutes and remove the pot from fire. If you did not boil the meat earlier and do not want to fry it, all you need do is marinate the meat, garlic, chili, blended peppers, onions, seasoning and salt together… simple as that. I guess this is better and faster than having to boil the meat first then fry and all.
✅  Then, make balls out of your pounded potatoes (or you may shapen it like sausage roll, any way you prefer it, just explore), flatten it and scoop some fried/marinated ingredients in the middle each and roll back. From here, you may coat with some flour first, followed by the whisked egg and finally, the breadcrumbs.(if you so wish), then go ahead to oven bake or deep fry. I do not have an oven but may try sand and my gas cylinder as I learnt baked is more healthy.Quick And Easy Potato Snack Recipe To Try For The WeekendBe careful not to scoop in too much fillings into the potato, so as to avoid bursting when frying.
✅  This can go down with smoothie, zobo drink, or natural milk.
Cheers 🥂 to a snacky weekend KOKOFoodies, see yo next Friday.

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