Beauty Tips: How To Get Ready For A Date Night In 15 Minutes

Date night… date night… date night… It can be super nerve-wracking to plan or attend a date, especially if it is the first-ever you are going on with the person or with someone ever. For pros who are not new in the game, it can be so easy fixing things and putting touches here and there than for first-timers. This is not to say, though, that they don’t get it wrong too.
As it is the week of love – the Valentine’s Day week, it is certain you have a date night to prepare for. Whether from work to the location or you get home first before heading out, another thing that is certain is that you don’t have all the time in the world to keep up with your date. The night will be a fast and short one, as good times do not drag on for too long so within a limited time, you have to keep it worthwhile and sparky.Beauty Tips: How To Get Ready For A Date Night In 15 Minutes
Whether you are going on a date night with your boyfriend or an admirer, as a lady, you need to appear fabulous and adorable. Behind the scenes, you are trying to decide the best way to be yourself while simultaneously compelling someone to fall madly in love with us because the act of getting ready—especially for a date—is so personal but the enemy that may want to ruin your is time – time to prepare so as to show up in elegance!
Not to worry, time cannot be a show stopper, we and you can make things work well and better and the best when you get there. It only takes determination and open-mind for this to work so if you want to know how to get ready for that date night in just 15 minutes or less than, babes, lezz go!
1. Do the normal dailies: The first thing you should know is trying to overdo things will make you seem odd and anxious, waste a lot of time. Do your everyday beauty routine, after all, you don’t want to trick your date into thinking you look different than you actually do every day! But yet, check up if you need a shave and act accordingly, thanks to shaving creams, they do not waste time in taking the blackies off. So yeah, shave, have your bathe, clean your teeth, put on some deodorant and let’s get on with your dress and makeup ASAP. We have spent 3minutes bathing and wearing deodorants.
Beauty Tips: How To Get Ready For A Date Night In 15 Minutes
The date night is not a death sentence, so don’t overwork yourself preparing
2. Dress comfortably yet chic: your choice of dress, of course, you should have thought about it before now – if you are buying a new one, you must have had it and if you are wearing one of those in your wardrobe, cool. Preferably, getting a new dress for a date may just be exorbitant and overdoing, except you don’t have great ones you can do for the night. So, choose an outfit that you know you are going to feel happy with and that will look good. You have no time for looking in the mirror and changing your mind, so go with what you know works. You also have no time for ironing, so grab what’s ready to go from your wardrobe. You should be done wearing your clothes in just 1 minute.
3. No dramatic makeup: Natural or nude makeup is the most preferable, it doesn’t take you a lot of time dealing with highlighting, contouring and all. But remember to have the eye shadow on your eyelids and the eyeliner for the wonderful cat-eye effect. Though it is sexy, red lipstick is most times not sustainable—it may smear on your teeth or chin or may just fade away, you dig? Basically, the five key makeup essentials you can apply in just five minutes are; foundation to even your skin tone, concealer for dark circles, eyeshadow and mascara to make your beautiful eyes stand out, blush to add that healthy glow and freshness to your face and lip gloss or lipstick to make your pout simply irresistible. Penciling your eyebrows can be stressful, especially if you are not a pro, so don’t bother, just brush the hair to stay in its place. Remember you can always take some makeup with you and make an emergency visit to the bathroom later, to make improvements. 5 minutes, we are done with makeup, we have 11 minutes more to head on to that date night.
Beauty Tips: How To Get Ready For A Date Night In 15 Minutes
Isn’t this so amazing for a date night
4. Don’t forget your hair: Brush and style your loosened hair in the quickest and the simplest style that you can think of. You probably don’t have time for anything fancy, so tie it back or put in hair clips or bands for a quick solution. If it is braided or fixed, you sure musty have styled it earlier, so just restyled as fast as possible. better still, wig up and brush! Now is not the time to start trying out the method you learnt on Youtube, just do you.. remember, do the normal. This should just consume 3 minutes of your time and you are left with a whole of 8 minutes. You should make sure you hasten things up from 1-4 so you can have enough time for the 5th step, that is where you remember all you forgot earlier, so you should take your time on it.
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5. Final Checking and Crosschecking: Now, slow the pace down a bit and take some time to check things over. You’ve got a few minutes left, so use them constructively to put the final touches to makeup, choose some accessories to complement your dress and spray on a little scent (yes, a little, don’t overdo it, your guy doesn’t need to smell you coming from two streets away). You’ve done it, you look beautiful, smell wonderful and you’re ready to go! Go in front of the mirror and drool over yourself, don’t forget your shoes too. All done, you are ready to head out for the date night! Just enjoy your date and when you are there, comport yourself as possible, don’t be too serious or too playful. Know what attitude to put up when and how much.
Beauty Tips: How To Get Ready For A Date Night In 15 Minutes
Getting ready for a date night in 15 minutes and looking lovely is really possible!
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