Wednesday, October 5, 2022

How To Become A Techie In Nigeria

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Becoming a tech bro or lady  is speedily becoming the latest cool thing in town. tech

Gone are the days when tech bros and ladies look like nerds; now, they are the latest sweethearts because of how they are cashing out. So here is how to become a tech bros/lady in Nigeria;
Define Why You Want To Be A Tech Bros/Lady
Defining why you want to be a tech bros/lady will go a long way in enabling you to stand by your vision till the end. Are you going into the tech world because your friend is there or because you want to? Know why you want what you want and ensure it is for yourself.
Research is fundamental in tech. Technology is constantly in motion. New technologies are created every day and if you do not have the habit of researching often, cultivate that habit if you want to last long in the tech world.
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Identify Your Niche

The tech world is vast; hence you have to know the particular area that you want to focus on in the tech world. Pick a niche from data analysis to programming and web development, design and visualisation, etc.
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Attend Tutorial

Attending tutorials is one of the significant ways to become a tech bro/lady. Learn from people who already know what you know. You can do this online or offline. You can attend an academy or have an individual show you the ropes.
Have A Laptop
Digitalisation and technology go hand in hand; hence you have to have a working laptop or be in a space that gives you constant access to a laptop you can use to work. Because the banking hall is what makes a bank, a tech bro/lady’s laptop is your working space and equipment.
As you learn, ensure you practice constantly. The saying, practice makes perfect, can never go wrong because the more you do a thing, the better you get at it.Trending video of the day;

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