Kanye West ‘Avoiding’ Kim Kardashian’s Effort To Reach Him

Billionaire rapper and music mogul, Kanye West according to report is avoiding his wife’s effort reach him, ignoring her calls and messages. Kanye West

Kanye West who on Sunday 19th of July held is first his first Presidential campaign rally, where he revealed his he and his wife tried aborting their first daughter North West, Kanye West also cried while on stage. A couple of days later he went out of control making disturbing rants on Twitter.
He revealed his wife and her Mum, Kris Jenner had tried in the past to hospitalise him against his will. He further dropped another bombshell saying had been trying to divorce his wife Kim Kardashian for the past 2-years since Kim met up with rapper Meek Mill at a hotel. He also said he has trying to prevent his daughter from seeing Kim’s sex tape.

Kim on Wednesday came to Kanye’s defence in a series of Instagram posts saying the rapper was bipolar and the public should respect his privacy as he battles the illness.

According to TMZ, Kim started noticing he was becoming erratic after he travelled to the Dominican republic.

The report by TMZ reads;

“Kanye West’s making it a struggle for Kim Kardashian to reach him — he’s ducking some calls and rejecting her pleas to join him in Wyoming.
Sources close to the couple tell TMZ … there’s been very little communication between husband and wife since he jetted off for his South Carolina rally last weekend, and zero face time.”
“We’re told Kim has made attempts to talk to Kanye about his mental state … but he’s not receptive. Our sources say she’s twice suggested flying to their ranch where Ye’s been staying to help him out, but he’s shot her down both times.”
“Our sources say Kim was concerned about Kanye’s behavior well before the rally though. We’re told she was worried earlier in the month when he was in the Dominican Republic, so she flew to be with him … and knew then something was seriously off.”
“We’re told Kim had to leave Kanye to get back to their kids, and after that — without any heads up — he went to SC for his rally, and it’s been all downhill from there.
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