Celebrity Beauty: Hodan Yusuf Has The Perfect Scarf Styles For The Holy Month

Setting up a wardrobe for the Islamic holy month is usually very difficult because it is a conservative month and everything needs to be done modestly. One integral part of your wardrobe this season is your scarves and you certainly want to try out different styles with it during this time. Hodan Yusuf is a great inspiration on how to keep your scarf game tight this month.
Hodan Yusuf Has The Perfect Scarf Styles For The Holy Month
Hodan Yusuf Has The Perfect Scarf Styles For The Holy Month
The stunning Muslimah style blogger loves her scarfs so much and she knows how to play around with it creating stunning and adorable styles. The stunning muslimah realizes how important scarfs her in her wardrobe and has found a way to make the essential wardrobe staple fashionable and elegant. She wears this on a daily just like a lot of muslimah’s and recognizes how boring it can get if you stick to the same style for a long time so she plays around with it to suit her daily look.

Just like Hodan this season, a lot of muslimah’s are going to be wearing their scarfs daily as they step out so avoid boring styles this period and play around with it. Check out lovely scarf styles from Hodan.

1 Rock your scarf as a turban
Slaying your scarf in the turban style is always a delight to see. This style would work for any look you need to rock from your day out look to a chic look or even trad styles. The turban style wrraps your head nicely and draws attention to your face.  Hodan Yusuf certainly knows how to slay her scarf as an head wrap so well.

2. A simple scarf look: This is the perfect look for a simple day out. Thus is the perfect style to rock when you need to keep it simple and easy. This style is easy to rock for an Iftar meeting or a day when you are running out of time. Tie it loosely at the back and you are good to go.

3. The tie loop style: This scarf style is perfect for a day when you don’t want to rock a statement¬† jewelry but still want to bring a lot of strong attention to your look.¬† This style can bring a lot of twist to your look and transform it from simple to an all time chic look. Throw on a pair of sunglasses and you are good to go for your Iftar meeting.

3. Wrap your scarf in a top bun. This is style is a favorite for a lot of people because it is easy to tie and goes with every type of look. This scarf style brings great definition to your face and gives you a strong and fierce outlook.

4. Side Knot
Tie your scarf and put a knot to the side like a cute little ribbon. This style is extremely feminine and chic. The side knot just brings a cute aura into your entire look and it is certainly a great choice if you are cute, girlie and feminine vibe.

5. Front Knot: Tie your scarf at the front in a nice knot and have the edges falling around you in a lovely way. This is the perfect scarf style for a chic look and a day out with your girls. For a day out of fun try this chic scarf style and imagine the wind blowing your scarf as you take a walk with your favourite circle.

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