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Hair Tips: Top 5 Hairstyles That Rocked 2021

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The year 2021 is gradually coming to an end and looking back, one can say this year has been hair-worthy. A lot of hairstyles rocked this year and they were all just beautiful, making ladies look like the queen that they are. The top 5 hairstyles that rocked 2021 differed from style to sleekness and we have to mention them.
top 5 hairstyles that rocked 2021

If throughout the year you never tried any of them, you really need to try each and every one of them out. So here are the top 5 hairstyles that rocked 2021;

From crochet to faux locs, just name it as long as it is attachable, it is definitely crotchet. This hairstyle dominated and is still dominating the hair space, because of its flexibility and uniqueness. Crochet made ladies say bye-bye to sitting for long hours braiding your hair when you can just attach the braids. From braiding to using it for gel pack, this hairstyle created an endless list of creativity in hair fashion.

This is one of the top 5 hairstyles that rocked 2021 because of its endless list of styles that can and is still been created from it. No matter the style you want to do or the weave-on/attachment that you want to use, ponytail is the hair for you. Another high point it gets, is the fact that it suits any and every occasion, no matter the time of the day.
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top 5 hairstyles that rocked 2021
Ladies can never get tired of doing cornrows be it with their natural hair or attachment, this hairstyle is just gorgeous. Most ladies love this hairstyle because it tends to suit every type of face shape and it is a protective hairstyle. When it come to the top 5 hairstyles that rocked 2021, cornrow is definitely a keeper.
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top 5 hairstyles that rocked 2021
Another every green hairstyle that brings out the classiness in ladies is braids. From knotless braids, to big braids, braids became a trend in 2021 and it still is.
top 5 hairstyles that rocked 2021Dyed Hair/Short Natural Hair
A lot of ladies joined the natural hair geng back in 2020, thanks to COVID-19. But they took it a step further this year as they started adding dye to their hair, to make it look more alluring. A lot of ladies’ went on low cut as it is often called this year. There is just a particular kind of beauty and swag ladies with dyed short hair have, that is just unique. This particular trendy hairstyle is a keeper when it comes to the top 5 hairstyles that rocked 2021.

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